NetGoons - About Us

We are a cool new article sharing portal with social networking for authors. With diminishing quality of article directories and Search engines putting heavy weight on quality content we bring to you a completely Human Edited and community monitored information house. Originality, Quality and effective Communication are our values and we are looking towards your cooperation in our pursuit towards our goals.

Netgoons started in 2008 as a personal website of Founder Rooturaj Pattanaik where he shared his ideas about Internet marketing and web development. Over the time as the sites reputation grew other writers joined in to share their expertise with the world. From technology and Internet marketing Netgoons soon covered Travel Tips, Finance Advice and much more. Finally after a consultation with fellow writers and advisers we converted Netgoons into an Article Sharing Website. is an intellectual property of Nth Dimension, (Regd - New Delhi) which is an Internet Technologies Company headed by our founder.

We are no doubt new in this field but we are diligently trying to implement innovative features for the advantage of our writers and readers. Currently the technology team is designing the social layer that will soon be available to our users.
Further we are planning to introduce a revenue sharing method for an elite group of authors. We believe in rewarding writers for their excellent contribution to the web.

We do not have any external funding and we are completely on our won. Only funding we are looking forward to is outstanding pieces of Information that we can be proud of. We are open to any kind of advertising or funding/partnership negotiations.