Maheshraja Thambidurai I am an MBA Grad from Uk , recently discovered my interest with the Stock market and chose to work as a sub broker for angel broking. Since the beginning i felt its wise to share my wisdom for beginners since im sure the passages are same. Hence topics from my point of few would serve the purpose more accurately. I am open to ppl who wants to ask my experience and suggestions on things related to this market.. if they wish to trade i can always help them open them a demat acc with nominal charges and assist them at every stage of their adventure in this exciting environment and earn some profit for them call me on 9677058170 or mail me @ for further assistance
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  • The stock market virgin

    Whats makes oneself consider  a stock market virgin? One can have answers that can vary within his/her subjective views depending on their exposure to this fantastic yet volatile and dynamic environment where the best of th...
    Maheshraja Thambidurai    Finance > Investing    Feb 25, 2011