Benefits of pistachios for hair

posted on Nov 02, 2015

The use of pistachios in a number of cosmetic products is currently being adopted by many. Pistachios are a great source of substances that give awesome results when applied onto the skin and hair. Pistachio oil, an oil that is emerald green in color is extracted from the pistachio nuts and are applied to the hair for a wide variety of purposes. Some of the major benefits of the pistachio oil on the hair include:

Quite a number of people use pistachio oil to stimulate hair growth. Certain essential fatty acids are often required to enhance proper growth of hair. Being that pistachio oil is a rich source of some of these fatty acids, it works pretty well in enhancing the growth of hair. This in turn results in healthy strands of hair. The oil has also been observed to be an excellent treatment for strengthening hair.

Another benefit of pistachios on the hair is that it boosts hair flexibility. To achieve these results, you need to apply pistachios onto your hair as a hair mask. Pistachios are known to possess nourishing and moisturizing properties. They will as a result moisturize and nourish the hair of the user thus improving the flexibility of the hair fibers. The moisturizing properties make pistachios an effective remedy for dehydrated hair. The oil also works well in treating color damaged hair and also in remedying split ends.

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A number of people suffer from hair loss. One of the major factors behind the development of the condition is biotin deficiency. The biotin is contained in significant amount in the pistachios. By consuming pistachios regularly, you will be supplying the body with good amounts of biotin. This will help in combating hair loss. Pistachio oil also helps in neutralizing some toxins on the scalp which are responsible for dandruff. They can therefore be an efficient way to get rid of dandruff. 

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