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posted on Mar 03, 2011
Jeanie Marshal
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This is an article for all publishers out there who want to make the best use of their ad space and make more revenue from the same. I will be discussing the new Chitika Select Ads today. For those who are not aware of Chitaka Ads and do not have an account yet please feel free to Register here Free. For the rest I will move on to Chitika Select - and benefits of International Trafic.

Why Chitika Select? Is Chitika Premium not Enough?

Well Chitika premium only targets Search Traffic primarily from US and Canada. But now more countires are getting to see ads from Chitika network if they happen to come from search querries. That is unless a user comes to your site from search engines they dont see an ad. Why? Well the founders of Chitika don’t believing in slapping ads on the face of visitors if they are not interested. 

Now Chitika Select Goes one step further and uses a smart algorithm to decide if some Ad has higer chances of converting. They decide this by tracking users clicking activity on your site. So Select ads from Chitika might appear if they feel it has a chance to convert. According to the Chitika team you are supposed to get good benefit from them as they tend to have higher conversion rates and CTR (click Through rates)

How do I activate Chitika Select on my Ads? 

Well they are automatically activated unless you dont want them to be displayed. So just in Case you have disabled them login to your account. Go to My Account tab - scroll down to the bottom of the page where you see settings for Chitika Select. Uncheck all the boxes and you are done.

Further you might like to add the Following line to you Chitika ad unit code to make sure your Select Units are going well.
ch_select = "enabled"; 

Do disable the Select Feature remove the previous line and add ch_select = "disabled"; 
Enjoy your International Traffic and keep the Option for Chitika backfill - just in case there are un targeted ads available around for your visitors location.

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