House cleaning checklist or tips

posted on Jun 17, 2013

 You and your family members can judge best that how often your house is needed to clean .it depends on the size of the house, how many rooms are there. It also depends on your environmental allergies, your level of tolerance for disorder and many other factors. You need nod not to clean everything, everyday but you only need to clean each room and each article as often as is necessary to maintain the desired environment.

·         First you and your family member sit together to make a schedule of you cleaning. You start work according to you schedule but need not to be worried if you can’t complete it within speculated time. You just reschedule the chore for the next day.

·         To keep your house keeping task easier you don’t wait for longer time so that the articles become most dirty.

·         Mementos, figurines, or knickknacks are hanged on the wall to enhance the beauty of your room. Along with enhanced beautification of your room it also adds dirt to your room and makes your cleaning task harder. so more you reduce this clutter your task of cleaning will be easier.

·         If you want to control the dust of your room in order to remove allergy regular dusting and vacuuming is required. Because dust helps the reproduction of dust mites which are microscopic bugs that eat the flakes of skin found in the dust. Periodic dust removal action helps not only to remove the dust but also lessen the reproduction of the dust mite.

·         You need to clean your bathroom sinks, tower, drain, and tub. Because soap forms a thin layer of film on the surface. It is much easier to clean the surface when the layer is thin .it would be a toughest job if the layer become thick. Soap scum and hair blocked the drain

·         To avoid this you use liquid soap than any soap bar to reduce scum problem. If you have long hair or you are suffering from everyday hair loss then don’t allow your hair to go down to the drain accumulate the hair in the sink and through it outside. You will see there is a free running of water for indefinite period of time.

·         Make sure that there is a adequate supply of your cleaning materials so that cleaning can be don e easily. Without right tool no one can be effective in their work.

·         Detect the area where you get trouble to clean.

·         If there are other members in your home who are engaged to make mess then involved them into the work so that cleaning can be done easily and effectively.

·         Use those cleaning products those maintain quality and quantity and affordable. I t is better to use natural or homemade cleaning product.


·         Keep your cleaning item in proper place. so that at the time of cleaning you need not to run here and there  to find out broom or cleaning agent or duster, sponge ,scrub brush, toothbrush. You maintain a bucket that contains all the necessary items. 

It's not easy ervery time to clean the whole thing properly, like in offices or any other professional places. In that case you should contact to some Commercial cleaning services provider, who can easyliy clean your place in no time.

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