Kessels Plan to Expand its Steam Turbine Operation in More Countries

posted on May 31, 2014

The Kessels Company the maker of high quality steam turbines is now embarking on a mission to expand its export market to include more and more countries possible. The Kessels Company has traditionally supplied countries in Latin America region and the South America continent. Peru is one country in this region that has been supplied with Kessels quality steam turbines. The country witnessed the commissioning of Kessel’s single stage back pressure STG steam turbine. The commissioning of the quality machine was a successful for the steam turbine maker in a region that it dominates with its steam turbines.

The company has a 390 STG turbine that is currently a popular model in the South American countries. Many customers of the Kessels steam turbine company like the machine due to the convenience and ability to work several days without developing any mechanical problems. On September the Kessels Company which is the manufacturer of the steam turbines supplied with success and later commissioned the very first of its ET- 15 steam turbine. The ET- 15 steam turbine machine is versatile because it can handle saturated steam. The ET- 15 steam turbines can also about 5 KW to about 150 KW of electricity. The Kessels Company says that this particular machine is ideal for factories that use small saturated steam boilers and also seeking to generate electricity of up to 100KW. The ET- 15 steam turbine made by the Kessels Company is an ideal replacement for PRDS system that is used in certain industries.

The Kessels steam turbine Company the maker of quality steam turbine machines also successfully commissioned a 12.5 MW double extraction condensing STG set in the South East Asia region. This commissioning proved the company’s capability to come up with powerful turbines that can generate high powered electricity. This 12.5 MW double extraction condensing STG is now successfully feeding the power grid in the region. The machine is not only capable to produce more electrical power to the industry but also processes the steam requirements of the particular plant that it installed in.

The Kessels steam turbine Company also successfully commissioned 500 KW single stage condensing STG in South Korea. This particular machine is installed in an incinerator at one of the world’s largest companies. This single stage condensing STG (steam turbine generator) and the many other steam turbine series that the Kessels Company manufactures has made the company win a very prestigious award, the EEPC award of India.

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