Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon

posted on Mar 26, 2011
Mamta Shekhawat
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The Kingdom of Dreams is a pleasure destination concerned with the entertainment world. Located at the golden triangle of Jaipur, Agra and Delhi, the whole area is spread on large acres of land. The carnival of Kingdom of Dreams takes you to new heights and gives an overwhelming excitement. Here, both technology and art comes together with a delightful journey to the dream land.  Culture, heritage, art, craft, cuisine and performing art of India are showcased in several ways in this joyful destination. Its various attractions are Nautanki Mahal, Culture Gully, Showshaa Theatre and Iifa Buzz. Moreover, kingdom of dreams makes you feel of living your imagination more than you could ever think of.


The cinematic and theatrical musicals are performed in Nautanki Mahal. A mixture of bollywood style and Indian culture in the form of theatrical act, on stage drama and stories will give you once in a lifetime experience.   This extravaganza package is filled with glitz and glamour in combination with entertainment. With a fantastic script, composition and production, it will surely be a world class entertainment for you.


You can enjoy the delicious cuisines along with India’s art, craft and culture in Culture Gully. Sprawling over 100,000 sq. feet of land, the Culture Gully is called indoor street of India providing a whole hearted experience of India’s cultural diversity. 14 state pavilions, the Indian tea house and library, coffee shops, themed restaurants, street bars, ethnic jewellery store, Indian home décor store, live arts and crafts village, carnival of Indian folk art and dance and music center adorn the whole space of Culture Gully.


In Showshaa Theatre, plays on Indian mythology such as Ram Lila and Krishna Lila are performed. Stories from the Indian epics are showcased with beautiful costumes and fabulous choreography. You can take part in the mock wedding shows by being the bridal couple or wedding guest. This will definitely be a memorable experience as you will be wed with Indian tradition with jewellery, costumes, dance and music. You can click some of the beautiful moments in your camera to cherish afterwards. Talented and magnificent performances are also performed in a circus show organized in Showshaa Theatre.


The Iifa Buzz is a themed café which gives a blend of glamour and music. Posters, records, music and props of Indian cinema add special colors to this mesmerizing experience.


The kingdom of dreams is open on weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) and weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Rs. 500 to RS. 750 will be charged as entrance fee for weekdays and weekends respectively.  Credit/ debit card is accepted for the payment of fees. Children below 4 ft height will not be charged. Once you purchase coupons/KOD smart cards, it can not be exchanges, refunded or cancelled. No weapons, outside foods and beverages are allowed inside the premises.


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