Making Fun Puppets

posted on Aug 31, 2012

Planning a special evening for kids? Looking for something that will take your kids away from watching the telly for hours? You don’t really need a trip to the supermarket to engage your special ones. Just look around in the house and you will find a bundle of things that will help you set up a puppet theatre. Let us tell you how to make some creative and mind blowing puppets with materials you would consider useless at home! Here are some ideas to make your puppets.

1) Sock Puppets

How often do we lose one sock and have no clue what to do with the other one? Here is an idea, turn it into a sock puppet. Place  your sock with the heel side up and flatten it. Cut a semi-circle as the slot for the movement of the mouth near the toe area of the sock. Paste a cardboard piece on the semicircle for stiffness. Stick the eyes and hair on the heel area and your homemade puppet is ready for the show!

2) Finger puppets

If you can find felt paper then your finger puppets are sure to look a little stylish! First, cut a pair of rectangles of suitable dimensions to fit your finger. Glue the edges of the two rectangles to get the front and back of your puppet. Once the glue dries, using scissors round up the top of the puppet to get the head and stick googly eyes and a mouth. If you want to create animal puppets then you just need to attach ears, mane, stout, trunk or feathers. You can make these puppets using paper too. You could also use finger puppet templates.

3) Paper-Mache Puppets

These puppets can be small or big and can give a new dimension to your puppet theatre collection. To make this puppet, you need to make the paper mache paste which is made by mixing ½ cup flour with cold water. Pour this mixture with 2 cups of boiling water and after removal from heat, stir this mix with 3 tbsp of sugar and let it cool. Now blow a balloon, tie the end and cover it with newspaper dipped in the paper mache paste. After application of 2 layers, add the nose and draw nice eyes with a marker. Finally untie the knot of the balloon and your puppet is ready to dance to your tunes!

4) Racquet Puppets

Now here is an idea that you see rarely in puppetry- puppets using badminton racquets. To make this puppet you need a badminton racquet, pom-pom or big buttons, wiggle eyes, glue and some yarn. Stick the eyes, the button for the nose and a mouth on the racquet. Its a good idea to use hot glue because you can easily remove all the elements when you need a change and make a new puppet! To add a wacky hairstyle you can use colourful yarn and paste it on top.

5) Spoon/ Ladle puppets

Spoons and ladles don’t have to stay in the kitchen, they surely make interesting puppets. Take some wool or fabric and cover the spoon or ladle head with it. Add some buttons or google eyes and draw nice lips. If you like, you can add a nice costume and your puppet is ready!

6) Veggie Puppet

Carrot Prince and Brinjal Queen! Does that sound mysterious yet unique? Here is how you can execute this unique idea: first peel off a carrot and cut a slit at the larger end to insert a stick. Use cream cheese and add ‘olive eyes’,’cashew smile’ and a ‘celery crown’. Ta Da! Your carrot prince puppet is ready for the royal story. You can even make animal characters using veggies like beans, brinjal, potato and dry fruits.

7) Shadow Puppet

From Indonesia to your living room, we bring to you, the shadow puppet. This is the simplest puppet and can be made by children too. All you need to do is draw the character required on a cardboard and cut it out neatly. Decorate it with buttons, beads, feathers or wool. Stick a straw or stick at the bottom and your puppet is ready! Isn’t that easy and simple?

Now you know how small things lying around the home can be means of entertainment! Happy puppeting and watch this space for some interesting articles on puppets like Water Puppets. See you soon!

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