Structural Design Engineer Job Description

posted on Jun 04, 2011

Structural Engineer – Alternate Job Profiles

Typical designations – Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Structural Design Engineer

Importance of Structural Engineers

Srtuctural design Engineers are the ones responsible for bringing to life those beautiful  buildings and making sure they are safe to live in or work with. A structural engineer deals with the external and internal forces of structural engineering while analyzing and designing the system. They have to plan effective strategies and research on various structural components of the system. A  structural engineer also accomplishes  design goals to ensure the quality of constructions along with its safety. Looking after economic and environmental issues and considering aesthetics and other social factors is another very important aspect of their work. 


Job Description

It involves civil & structural engineering design, calculations, planning and layout. Also entails project specifications, portion of project cost estimates, and engineering portion of project proposals. But it is not limited to the groundwork and/or modification of these; it also involves managing people as well.
Details and layout portions of projects by means of graphic layout through project lead engineer. Job also involves analysis calculations and performs structural design using standards and governing codes, engineering formulas, experience and skills. Research design document and options findings for your project team lead engineer. You need to take up the role of lead engineer on allocated projects. You may also require working as an elected Client contact on less complex projects and as Project Engineer.
Develop plausible construction cost approximation for the projects in the department phase. You may require providing draft or drawing for own blueprints and produce drawings to add in drawings by drafters /designers. Review the shop drawings already done by subordinates. Handle the usual routine contract management work. Coordinate effort with other departments such as electrical, mechanical, architectural etc. You may sometimes require supervising and directing other Drafters /Designers activities.


Required Qualification

Bachelor of Technology or Engineering in Civil Engineering, over 4 years of work experience in civil and/or structural engineering, obtained during experience and education; or Master of Science in Civil Engineering, over 3 years of experience in civil and/or structural engineering, or the same combination of experience, training and education.


Desirable for typical working environment

The person should be a pleasant personality, with good communication skills, should also be self motivating and a good team player. Physical strength is a must. Job requires standing for hours, walking long distances, and physical abilities to lift and/or move up to 25 pounds.  A higher experience person shall be paid accordingly.


Provide grooming for working in international locations

You may also require traveling in India or abroad, so should be willing to travel too.

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