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  • Body painting

    The art of body painting is the latest trend in today’s world. This trend is gaining much popularity in most of the cities and metros of the country. It is a body art, more specifically a temporary art, which stay for few ...
    Zara Hose    Arts Entertainment > Art    Feb 25, 2011
  • Making fun puppets

    Planning a special evening for kids? Looking for something that will take your kids away from watching the telly for hours? You don’t really need a trip to the supermarket to engage your special ones. Just look around in t...
    Emma Peter    Arts Entertainment > Art    Aug 31, 2012
  • Origin of puppetry

    Puppetry is a great art form where an inanimate object is used to depict a story or information. Puppetry was invented some 3000 years ago. Puppet shows are organised at various events like school functions, social campaigns, ed...
    Emma Peter    Arts Entertainment > Art    Oct 08, 2012