The History and Early Development of Dallas City

posted on Oct 11, 2014

Dallas remains the ninth largest City in the USA and covers an area of about 343 sq miles with a population of approximately 1,241,162. It is an ultra modern City in the USA a feature that makes it a world destination for most tourists coming to America for leisure. The City is located in Texas State and also forms part of number four metropolitan area in the USA. Dallas is located at the center of the North American continent making flying to it from most destinations within North America only just about four hours. The DFW airport located in Dallas is also the world’s fourth busiest airport offering almost 1,750 flights per day. The airport offers non-stop air service to 145 domestic destinations within the US and about 45 international destinations. There is also the Dallas Love Field airport which is just located 10 minutes drive from downtown.

Dallas features great restaurants, pubs, boutiques, and shops so that any visitor can enjoy staying here. The City has over 14 entertainment districts making it an ideal destination for fun lovers and also artists alike. The weather of Dallas is just good and inviting to anyone from any part of the world. The city prides itself of success and any visitor will notice the optimism that is clearly evident here. The Dallas city community is a philanthropic lot and their contributions is what has led to the prosperity of the city and also the quality of life there. Dallas is a great meeting and business city, some of the world’s greatest corporations like Exxon Mobil, Southwest airlines and Texas instruments are found here.

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