The Silent Revolution Carried out by Energy Management Consultants

posted on Jun 27, 2013

Energy Management Consultancy is a quiet revolution that has been happening since the 1990's. The reason for the development of this field is that our planet is getting warmer and warmer. Energy management consultants assess the current use of energy and based on their assessment, devise suitable strategies for reducing the consumption of energy and minimizing wastage of energy. It is heartening to note that even big companies have realized the importance of reducing energy consumption. They have come to understand that the measures suggested by these consultants will help them in reducing their overhead costs.

It appears that formal education and training are not there for becoming energy management consultants. These consultants are from diverse backgrounds. Some of them are mechanical engineers, a few others are trained in HVAC and so on. Though a few institutions conduct courses on this topic, these programs are neither approved nor are accredited. So, companies look only for experienced consultants who have a good track-record of having provided such services to reputed clients.

If you want to engage the services of such consultants, you should be ready to bear the charges they levy. These consultants may not adopt an one-size-fit-all approach for carrying out this task. The process as well as the cost may vary according to the size of your company. If you have your office in more than one location, the process may consume more time and the charges levied may be higher.

These consultants begin their work by collecting the details of the energy used by your company. You may have various types of equipment as well as systems in your organization and you may be using energy for running them. These consultants may calculate the ideal usage levels of your organization and compare them with the actual usage. The difference shows that you are wasting energy that is a drain on your financial resources. If you bring down the usage levels to ideal levels, you will be saving a lot. So, the consultants will suggest various ways for reducing the energy usage. You should have frank discussions with the consultants because it is you who can decide the viability of the proposals made by the consultants. 

Sometimes, the consultants may suggest installation of new equipment, remodeling, modification or renovation of your office or changes in the pattern of usage of equipment. In general, suggestions like using high-quality lights, using programmable thermostats for your air conditioning and heating systems, improving the ventilation etc. may not cost much. If the consultants suggest major changes like remodeling of the office, growing a good garden around the building, shifting of the entire office to a new, energy-efficient building, etc. may cost heavily and you should take into account the cost factor before giving a nod to these proposals. If the consultants suggest installation of solar panels for meeting the energy needs of your building, the initial investment may be high but, this investment is worth it because you can recover the amount you invest very soon. You may not incur recurring expenses with solar energy and the maintenance cost of the plant is almost nil


So, by utilizing the services of energy management consultants, you can reduce the energy usage of your business. This will benefit your company in the long run.

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