Why Submit Articles?

Just in case you are new to the article writing and sharing practice I will give you and Idea of how things are here on Netgoons – The coolest article sharing site on web. (not the coolest – that’s ok we gonna be soon cuz we are the netgoon.)

Now there was a time when people were crazy about articles as they wanted links to manipulate their ranking in search engines. So the articles directories became a big hit. They mushroomed here and there like those on farm waste dumps. So the search engines started treating them as they were waste dumps. Finally the situation is that all automated directories that accept articles without manual checking have been given heavy discounts. So don’t even bother to submit your articles to them. Waste of time. But Netgoons is purely human edited and assures quality. So your links will still hold value. Good luck with your link building activities then.

We are strict about our content. No duplicate content is welcome here. See our guidelines for more information. You can also see what makes us better than the rest of the article sharing sites.

Apart from link building what else could you do with your articles?

You can promote your products / services directly. Write articles about them and we will make sure they reach the target audience. We promote your articles throughout our websites and our partners’ sites using RSS feeds. (work in progress there). So you can reach a wide market at an international level.

If you are an Author / Writer we provide you ample scope to showcase your writing skills. The web is hungry for creative, interesting and informative content. If you think you got what it takes then hit us with your best and we shall make sure you get the best. Netgoons is working on revenue sharing system with out best writers and we will promote you individually so that you can get hired to write. It gives us pleasure to have helped you in professional improvement.